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Creating a poster

bullet azulThe allowed length is 90cm x 120cm (width x height) – portrait format.

bullet azulThe poster is a visual aid. Therefore, it must be made using a font size that allows reading of the content at some distance (2 meters, for instance).

bullet azulThe fonts of the title can be: Arial, Calibri, or Avant Garde. Size: from 50

bullet azulFor the text, it is recommended that the font is Times New Roman. Size: 30.

bullet azulThe background of the poster must be white.

bullet azulIt is not advisable to use photos in the background so as not to hamper the reading.

bullet azul The poster text should be be read quickly. For this reason, it is not advisable to put a long plain text. Specific information on the research causes a greater impact and is more attractive to read.

bullet azulThe poster must be organized as follows:

Send Title on top
Send name and institution of author (s) just below the title
Send Next: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusion

bullet azulThe presenters may provide the attendees with small sized copies of the poster, which will be presented as a handout. In this case, the presenters should bring their ready-made copies.

bullet azulEach approved presenter will receive an email with the date and time to display the work.

bullet azul

The presenter of the selected poster must be, on the day and time scheduled and beside his poster, available to the Scientific Committee and attendees for 1 hour (between 2 and 5 May)

bullet azulThere will be an Independent Award Committee composed of researchers of recognized excellence, not linked to Fiocruz, who will evaluate the posters for awards. 

Independent Award Evaluation Committee

bullet azul

Cristina Brandileone
bullet azulMaria Sato
bullet azulMarco Stephano
bullet azulJosé Mauro Peralta
bullet azulJosé Victor Bomtempo
bullet azulLia Hasenclever
bullet azul Vivian Rumjanek

bullet azul All submitted posters are candidates for awards, irrespective of their selection for oral presentation in plenary.


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