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Elaborating an abstract

bullet azulAbstract submissions via fax, mail, email or letter will not be accepted;

bullet azul

The abstract can be typed either in English or Portuguese;

bullet azulThe abstract may not contain figures, graphs or table;

bullet azulThe text must follow the pattern: introduction, objectives, methodology, results and conclusion;

bullet azulThe title must be typed in lower and bold case, concisely describing the essence of the subject. - Up to 20 words;

bullet azulThe titles and summaries of the texts must be aligned to the left (do not justify);

bullet azulThe name of the main author must come first, and the presenter´s name must be identified with an asterisk (*);
bullet azul Please provide the presenter´s email contact in the registration form and below the title;

bullet azulThe presenter is responsible for giving the oral presentation on the symposium day (plenary) and at the scheduled time at the posters exposition ;

bullet azulWhen submitting the abstract, the researcher must classify it according to the following category: V (Vaccines), B (Biopharmaceuticals), R (Reagents for diagnosis), G (Management) and OTR (Other Related Topics);

bullet azulAuthors: full name (enter a maximum of 7 authors - this may exceptionally reach 10, as long as justified and accepted by the Scientific Committee). Do not put the title of the authors: Ex: Doctor, Prof., among others;

bullet azul The name of the main author must come first, and the presenter's name must come second, flagged with an asterisk (*);

bullet azulPlease provide the presenter´s e-mail contact on the registration form. The institution must be mentioned after the author's name, as shown below.

Example: José Faria Gomes Pedro Moreira 1* ; Joaquim Silva 2
E-mail: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo.
1Bio- Manguinhos / Fiocruz
2UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

PS: In this example, the author and the presenter are the same person.



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