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Awards criteria

The awards criteria are:

bullet azulThe quality of the abstract and the poster presented;
bullet azulThe work must not have been published in scientific journals and must have affinity with the topics covered in the seminar;
bullet azulThe importance of the work to the scientific and technological development, the production, quality assurance, management and regulation in the immunobiological area;
bullet azulThe importance of the work to the Brazilian public health;
bullet azulThe decisions of the Scientific Committee on admittance of abstracts will be final and unappealable;
bullet azulThe three best works presented in the Symposium will be chosen by the Independent Awards Evaluation Committee and will receive a certificate besides awards in money (gross):

Oswaldo Cruz Award (1st position) – R$7,000.00
Carlos Chagas Award (2nd position) – R$ 3,000.00
Alcides Godoy Award (3rd position) – R$ 2,000.00

Besides these, three other prizes will be awarded for the best works of Young Scientific Talent (up to 26 years old):

Henrique de Azevedo Penna Award – R$ 1,000.00
Evandro Chagas Award – R$ 1,000.00
Sérgio Arouca Award – R$ 1,000.00

Independent Awards Evaluation Committee 

bullet azulCristina Brandileone
bullet azulMaria Sato
bullet azulMarco Stephano
bullet azulJosé Mauro Peralta
bullet azulJosé Victor Bomtempo
bullet azulLia Hasenclever

All submitted posters are candidates for awards, irrespective of their selection for speech in plenar. 


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