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The Institute of Technology in Immunobiologicals of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Bio-Manguinhos) is pleased to sponsor and organize the III International Symposium of Immunobiologicals / IV Annual Scientific and Technological Seminar in Immunobiologicals (SACT-Bio) as a celebratory milestone of its 40-year history.
With the participation of experts from several areas of knowledge and actuation representatives of the Brazilian and the global public health, these events enable the exchange of information and experience in strategic areas such as vaccines, reagents for laboratory diagnosis, biopharmaceutical drugs, oncology, nanotechnology, among other topics.

It should be noted that the meeting comes at a time of technology innovation incentives through state policies, so as to develop the skills and competitiveness of the domestic pharmaceutical industry and the Brazilian services. This creates an approximation of public and private institutions in the biopharmaceuticals sector and identifies possible prospects for new technology partnerships with a focus on the needs of the Ministry of Health, directed recently to the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Above all, the event contributes to an overview of the achievements made so far by the Institute, of the opportunities for improvement and for consideration of new perspectives for institutional performance, enabling Bio-Manguinhos to consolidate its strategic role as a public producer laboratory and one of the major producing centers of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and reagents for diagnosis in Latin America. Artur Roberto Couto, Bio-Manguinhos director.

Artur Roberto Couto, Bio-Manguinhos director.

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